Translate your professional work experience into a perfectly formatted and expertly worded LinkedIn Profile that engages readers, enhances your online presence and ensures that you get noticed by recruiters and potential employers.

LinkedIn is the largest internet-based professional network in the world, with close to 13 million people currently using LinkedIn in the UK alone, that’s a staggering 20% of our entire population and an incredible 467 million members worldwide. So it’s easy to understand why a professionally written “fit for purpose” personal profile can drastically increase your chances of landing a job you really want. 

No matter what your ambition is, whether your job hunting or not, if you haven’t joined LinkedIn yet and created an enticing profile you are missing out on opportunities. LinkedIn is different from a CV but it can be just as important. If you are hoping to attract recruiters and head hunters, find new employment opportunities or simply enhance your professional network a concise, enticing, professionally written profile is an absolute must.

What’s Included

Professional Profile Setup
Custom Written Original Content
Perfectly Formatted & Worded
SEO Optimesd Key Words
Calls to Action
100% Customer Guarantee

With my LinkedIn Optimisation service I will rewrite, update and improve your current LinkedIn Profile – or write you a new one ‘from scratch’ – that’s guaranteed to attract recruiters and get you noticed. Appropriate optimised keywords will make it easier for recruiters to find you online. A concise, professionally written summary will entice readers, encapsulate your professional personality, demonstrate your achievements and outline your ambitions. Calls to action will engage readers, encourage contacts and give your profile the boost it needs to get you the job you deserve!

My LinkedIn Profile Optimisation Service Includes:
  • A complete re-write of your current profile or a brand new profile written from scratch in the first person narrative.
  • Research driven search engine optimised keywords that enhance your online presence enable and make it easier recruiting managers to find you.
  • A first-rate profile set up that showcases your professional personality, grabs attention and gets you noticed by potential employers.
  • An enticing professionally written personal summary that engages readers, precisely encapsulates who you are, your achievements and your ambitions.
  • The elimination of spelling and grammar mistakes.
  • Calls to action that get you contacted.

Please Note: I do not require access to your LinkedIn account for delivery of this service. To ensure the safety of your personal information, and the confidentiality of your login credentials I never undertake to directly log in to or create an account on your behalf. On completion of this service you will receive your new completed LinkedIn profile in editable MS Word format to enable you to easily copy and paste the completed sections into your live profile.

For your peace of mind all my services come with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, my interview promise* and my sincere determination to achieve targeted results that exceed your expectations and maximize your career and employment opportunities. Find out more

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